Sandra Nicolae

Sandra Nicolae

Experience: 8 Years

Passion and tenacity push me to reach every goal that I set myself, attention to detail, study and training have allowed me to be punctual and professional. The most important thing is that I know exactly what investors think, feel and expect, having been an investor myself at the beginning. After becoming a professional in the sector, I also know the needs and objectives of companies. All this allows me to have a complete vision, creating a winning combination. I am a marketing advisor and manager with strong fundamentals in Web Marketing, implementation of Social Media Marketing strategies, multimedia web communication.

Personal Information:

Entrepreneur with strong skills in implementation of Web visibility strategies through search engines (SEO AND SEM), market and cryptomarket analysis & benchmarketing methods. About 8 years ago I got to know the fantastic world of the cryptocurrencies and I joined it as an investor.
With the passage of time, documenting and studying, the blockchain has fascinated me more and more becoming my profession.