marco meo

Marco Meo

Position: Co-Founder
Experience: 24 years

The curiosity with which I look at the world has always been the stimulus to get to know and dedicate myself to more activities and different passions. And very often work and hobbies have become one, professional skills and personal skills have been added together for a single important aspiration: to experience life with a sense of satisfaction, realization and fulfillment. The technical and pragmatic training on the one hand and the humanistic and relational training on the other, allowed me to develop a vision in which it is possible to aspire and pursue a harmony between the private sphere (free time, beautiful relationships, health, healthy environment, availability economic) and professional (ambition, professional ascent, increase in earnings). Both areas have a right to be satisfied and elevated. With Global Innovative Solutions, I want to make sensitive people interested in a greater quality and well-being of themselves, relationships, the environment, their personal and professional ambitions participate in the values described above.

Personal Information:

I am Marco Meo (Co-Founder of GSI) and one of the activities I have been carrying out for the longest time, since the age of 22, is in the insurance and financial fields. Strange to say … but the passion for this job derives from my predisposition to help others, actually also from enjoying when there are problems to be solved and in this job there are many. I consider it a socially useful activity, at least I commit myself and dedicate myself with this intention and will. In fact, I think that issues such as the protection of the person, property, one’s work and one’s savings are aspects on which to pay close attention and be professionally accompanied, to preserve the quality of life and improve it at the same time.

For some years I have turned my attention and study to the implementation strategies of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the corporate business model. This world has kidnapped me for its charm, decentralization and great opportunities to reinvent yourself as a professional and as a person.

So I dived into this area, exploiting and benefiting from the skills gained in decades of activity, devising financial strategies applied to the blockchain with attention to all aspects related to design: the organizational, managerial, economic and technical elements.