lorenzo petinari

Lorenzo Petinari

Experience: 8 years

The training and experience gained during my working career allows me to evaluate any type of project, to develop level strategies that are perfectly suited to the needs of the token and investors. I am a marketing advisor and manager with a solid foundation in Digital and Crypto Marketing, Social Media management, SEO copywriting, Market/Competitors analysis, Multimedia Web Communication, Implementation of web visibility strategies through Digital PR, search engines (SEO AND SEM).

Personal Information:

Digital entrepreneur with strong skills in marketing and communication strategies. Over the years and the evolution of technology I have decided to immerse myself in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, integrating my skills to a new market that not only fascinates me every day but opens up new business and life.

Since 2016 I have been deciding on a daily basis to research and study digital coins with great passion and professionalism, this has allowed me to create a platform that offers exclusive cryptographic marketing services.