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Behind the GSI project we find some leading companies (partners) in the italian panorama of the sector, synonymous with seriousness, safety and reliability. We are open to new collaborations and try to expand partners internationally.  Join us to reduce environmental pollution!

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Soluzioni&Azioni is a company specialized in the marketing of cutting-edge devices in various sectors with particular attention to environmental protection. It focuses on the purification of water and air, with an eye of with regard to eco-sustainable mobility and renewable energy.

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Italian excellence for over 35 years, TESIMAG offers a wide range of engineered and cutting-edge products and systems for various sectors of industry, with specific solutions for each individual need.

‘Thinking ahead is the key to innovating”, this is the vision that has always traced the path of Tesimag, an eclectic company, dedicated to innovation, known and appreciated in the world precisely for its exuberant propensity towards the avant-garde and the technological evolution.

Tesimag’s commitment varies from the construction and installation of plants with different functionalities all having an ecological implication (plants for the clarification of waste water, industrial sludge treatment etc).

They have a wide range of special centrifugal pumps for application in the field of handling of abrasive and corrosive fluids, sludge, power generation, desalination plants and particular dedication is devoted to the construction of axial hydraulic turbines.

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