Green Utility Token


GSI ecosystem contributes to reduce

pollution exploiting the use of the blockchain,

financing and developing green projects.

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Soluzioni&Azioni Market Purchases

GSI bought to pay 21% of the commissions of its network

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Our mission is to enter the market and establish ourselves by focusing on innovative projects and support for the environment. GSI aims to clean up the environment from water and air pollution, developing activities and projects that respect nature and are ecologically sustainable.

Every token issued on the market corresponds to and is truly supported by tangible physical results. No money can be generated if it does not correspond to a real and concrete reduction in pollution.

We strongly believe that many small actions can be initiated to create big changes, enabling eight billion people to help make our planet a better place. A new direct and innovative way of involving individuals in the sustenance of the environment with the use of the GSI token.

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gsi green utility token

With a little, we can all do a lot. Following a simple installation of a purifier, for example, we contribute to:

75 kg less plastic
270 kg of CO2 less
55 liters of diesel fuel saved
71 kg of oil saved for pet production

We aim to provide new inflationary tokenomics with the intention of reinvesting 21% of profits monthly. We will also play a definable role of “broker”, acquiring the orders on behalf of TESIMAG and BluGold. Clients will send full payment to the broker.

On the other hand, once the work has been completed, the companies will receive their remuneration half in euros and half in GSI. The broker will use half of the payment received to invest in GSI, buying the tokens on the market and will pass them on to the executing company. This passage marks a clear boundary with any other project.


Whenever there is a request for services from companies, we will intervene strongly on the market and for each order received from Global Innovative Solutions there will be an inevitable increase in the value of the company and as a result, of the token as well.

In this way, we set ourselves a double goal, the progressive increase of the GSI token and concrete support for the environment. In addition, GSI will donate 2% of the profits to charity for water purification in Africa and beyond, following the objectives of “Agenda 2030

The tokens owned can be unlocked for 1% per month, this will not only avoid the depreciation of the token but will allow the holders to create a passive income.

reduce water pollution

About Real benefits and holding tools

Green Mining

The pace of mining will come from a real impact on the environment. On every 100 tons of C02 less in the environment, 2,100,000 GSI will be mined and released to holders as a percentage of the tokens held.


Contract address0x5AF2fe41Bd068e5469b69Bfa5a4dBB616D6aB25C

Token name: Global Innovative Solutions

Symbol: GSI

Total supply: 210.000.000

Circulation supply: 74.625.000

Decimals: 9


Presale 2
02/21/2022 - 03/20/2022
Price $ 0.04
Second step collection $ 460,000
Release of 11,500,000 GSI
Min. $100 - max $21,000 in BUSD
Presale 3
03/21/2022 - 04/20/2022
Price $ 0.06
Third step collection $ 450,000
Release of 7,500,000 GSI
Min. $100 - max $21,000 in BUSD
Presale 4
04/21/2022 - 05/20/2022
Price $ 0.08
Fourth step collection $ 450,000
Release of 5,625,000 GSI
Min. $100 - max $21,000 in BUSD

Token Distribution

  • Pool
  • Private sale and Pre-sale
  • Founders
  • Charity
  • Marketing
  • Team
  • Holders
  • Statutory Reserve

The total offer of GSI tokens will be divided as follows:

21%: Liquidity in the pool

34% Private sale and Pre-sale

10%: Founders

2%: Foundation for charity

9%: Marketing

5%: Team

8%: Distribution to holders

11%: Statutory reserve

Our Strategy

The Roadmap

2021 Q4
GSI Token Development

Development and distribution of BEP-20 contract and Dapp

2021 Q4

Starts from 10/11/2021 to 11/11/2021

2021 Q4
Social Media Launch

Website development and social media launch

2021 Q4
TechRate Audit

Professional audit from TechRate

2021 Q4
Start Marketing Campaign

Strategic marketing campaigns based on presale steps

2022 Q1-Q2

Four steps of presale from 01/21/2022 to 05/20/2022

2022 Q2-Q3
New Partnership

Commercial agreements with new partners for the token's adoption

2022 Q3
Launch on Pancake Swap

Market launch and launch on Pancake Swap on 06/21/2022

2022 Q3
Buy-back Program

21% of monthly profits will be reinvested in GSI

2022 Q3
CMC Listing

Listing on CoinMarketCap

2022 Q4
Smartpartners activation

Smartpartners activation

2023 Q1-Q2
Listing on Cryptosmart

Listing on Cryptosmart Exchange

2023 Q2
GSU token introduction

Global Solution Unit (GSU) - reward stable token

2023 Q3
Promotional Campaigns

Merchant marketing campaigns

2023 Q3
Listing on Kucoin

Listing on Kucoin Exchange

2023 Q4

Ecological start-up sponsorships

2024 Q2

GSI token adoption by commercial activities

2024 Q3

Affiliate companies to promote only and exclusively eco-sustainable products

2025 Q1
Listing on Binance

Listing on Binance Exchange


nomics listing

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coinpaprika gsi

ICO Analiz


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Soluzioni&Azioni is a company specialized in the marketing of cutting-edge devices in various sectors with particular attention to environmental protection. It focuses on the purification of water and air, with an eye of with regard to eco-sustainable mobility and renewable energy.

TESIMAG, Italian excellence for over 35 years, offers a wide range of engineered and cutting-edge products and systems for different sectors of industry, with specific solutions for every single need.


Help reduce pollution

Stop CO2 emission

This “green” token plays a fundamental role in the entire Global Innovative Solutions ecosystem, since it will become the reference currency for the entire group.

Anyone who holds the GSI token in their wallet, will do so because they believe and trust in an eco-sustainable development of the planet through the creation of ecologically relevant and sensitive blockchain projects.


The will of Global Innovative Solutions is to reinvest 21% of profits generated every month


Whenever there is a request for performance at Partner companies, customers will send the full payment to Global Innovative Solutions which will be reinvested for 50% in GSI tokens


GSI will donate 2% of the profits to charity and help to achieve the goals of the Agenda 2030

Water purification

GSI contributes to the purification of water to make it drinkable, reduce environmental pollution and CO2 emissions


Each GSI token can only be created if it corresponds to a real reduction in pollution

GSI Platform

Promotes only and exclusively eco-sustainable products and encourages the use and purchase of alternative goods that have a "green" impact on nature and the environment.

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Frequently Asked

Global Innovative Solutions (GSI) is a BEP-20 smart contract distributed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that aims to provide new inflationary tokenomics. This intent is an essential point for the team and is pursued in different ways: reinvest 21% of profits monthly, or the central role played by the “broker”, or the supply with its mining mechanism, or a particular commission system.

Every year, more than 10 million tons of plastic enters the seas and ocean and it breaks down into microplastic particles (smaller than 1 millimeter) that accumulate coastal sediments. On the surface, the situation is equally dramatic: it is expected that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight. This is also because plastic generally takes up to 450 years to degrade. GSI is an innovative project, it reduces pollution and offers your children the opportunity to live in a better world.

You can buy GSI tokens on PancakeSwap, connecting your metamask/trustwallet.

GSi is the first large green utility token and harnesses the potential of blockchain technology to reduce global pollution. How? Easy. We have made trade agreements with partners that produce plants systems that reduce the pollution.

Let’s take a few examples: water purifiers for example whose installation reduces the emission of plastic into the environment or axial hydraulic turbines whose installation allows you to produce totally Green energy only by exploiting the flow and power of water so you have 0 missions with considerable CO2 savings, and thanks to the blockchain it is possible to track all the transactions that take place between GSi and their partners and consequently track the actual installation of these systems and therefore track the actual reduction of pollution so we can say that blockchain technology is comes to our aid and allows us to reduce pollution thanks to the Global Innovative Solutions ecosystem.

First of all they are Green tokens because they do not need to be mined with the computing power that consume a lot of energy.

As we all know, to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum we have to make use of very powerful machines that absorb a lot of energy. This is also a current discussion factor in which some people blame the cryptocurrencies for the fact that to produce them you need to emit a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Well, also in this aspect, GSI token it is totally Green because it is a computer issue so to issue the tokens there is no need to use energy and to release CO2 emissions, but thanks to the particular bep20 smart contract that regulates all the functions of the token it is possible to issue new tokens simply with a click.

Of course, the emission of these tokens must be authorized by a concrete effective reduction of pollution and is traceable, that’s another great peculiarity of GSI token. In fact, installing the systems reduces pollution. With blockchain technology, transactions that are recorded once written can no longer be changed and they are visible to anyone, so maximum transparency, is possible to give the authorization to generate new GSI tokens.

In addition to contributing to the good of the planet and financing innovative projects dedicated to eco-sustainability, the advantages are innumerable. By purchasing GSI Token in the pre-sale stages, the token price is much lower than the introductory price. The launch of the token will take place on June 21, 2022 at $ 0.21, therefore significantly higher than the current purchase price. 

GSI, It is an inflationary token that will not lose value but on the contrary we will see a growing price dictated by the increasing demand. In fact, the structure of the project is based on 3 Smart strategies that make  possible to increase demand and limit supply, allowing the value of the GSI token to grow progressively.

What do we achieve this goal? Precisely with the 3 smart strategies.

The first is ourselves of Global Innovative Solutions who, through the BUYBACK program, invest 21% of our profits monthly by purchasing GSI on the market, generating a strong demand for tokens.This shows that we first and foremost believe a lot in our project.

The second strategy is the 1% monthly vesting. This might seem like a limit, in reality it is the fundamental pillar of this project because it allows a gradual release that ensures that the supply of tokens in circulation and on the market is very limited, guarantees the sustainability of the project and above all guarantees constant growth of the GSI token value. This is spectacular, really the strong point of this project.

All the experts who analyzed the project complimented us on this point. It is the extra gear that the GSI project has compared to many other projects because it limits the supply that is dominated by strong demand, therefore, what the investor should focus on is the value of the token at the time of release.

Holders who have purchased in advance will be rewarded with the new tokens emissions that they will have subsequently in the face of the reduction in pollution. 22% of these new tokens will be distributed to holders in proportion to the tokens held.

As anticipated, we have commercial agreements with partners such as Soluzioni&Azioni, manufacturer of water purification plants and Tesimag, manufacturer of axial hydraulic turbines, to generate electricity from water. These partners received part of the payment in GSI for their supplies.  Soluzioni&Azioni accepted that 50% of the order is paid in GSI. Let’s take an example: if we install a € 40,000 water house at S&A, we will be paid € 20,000 via a Fiat bank transfer and € 20,000 in GSI tokens. This is the third strategy that allows us to sustain the value of the token because we will buy those tokens on the market, generating strong demand. All this is traceable, transparent thanks to Blockchain technology.

The value is generated by the request for services by the partner companies, which are paid for 50% in FIAT currency and the remaining in GSI TOKENS purchased at market price. This means that demand is consistently much higher than supply, generating a sharp increase in the value.

Global Innovative Solution also reinvests 21% of profits in BUY-BACK.

Global Innovative Solutions

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